What We Take


We love gold, silver, platinum and diamonds because they always have value (new, old or even broken). Bring your jewelry items to Granters Pawn Shop and our pawnbrokers will evaluate and make an offer on the spot based on a percentage of that day’s market value. This applies to all fine jewelry & watches as well.


We look for the .925 or Sterling stamp, these are mainly the only type on which we offer cash but bring in any vintage items to be evaluated.


New, old or even vintage, we love them all! Guitars, saxophones, banjos, flutes, clarinets, high end amps. (Sorry, but many of the mass produced less expensive instruments made in china may have a lower value. You can Text us a picture of the instrument for more information)


We only take the newer types of electronic devices, in perfect condition may have a cash value to us. Electronics must be in excellent condition and have no missing parts. Laptops & TV must be less than 2 years old. TV’s require remotes. Newest video game systems (Xbox One and X360, Nintendo WII, Playstation 3 and 4). No car stereo items. Electronics will usually bring approximately 10 to 30 cents on the retail dollar allowing us to sell it to our clients for approximately %50 of retail or 50 cents on the dollar.


We also take digital cameras, but they must be 10 megapixel or higher and in excellent condition with charger and battery. Some high end camera lenses can be very valuable.


Vintage Redline Hot Wheels, trains and many more vintage toys can be a great item to sell and in some rare cases bring huge money if they are the right ones (Email or text us pictures of any vintage toys you may be interested in selling).


Any antiques or vintage items: pocket watches, swords, knives, bayonets, art, coins, paintings, etc. Firearms must be at least 100 years old, no modern guns. Vito and Uncle Ralph would like to see any vintage and antiques you are interested in selling. Even some vintage handbags and costume jewelry has value. Not everything old will have value. But it is worth bringing in or emailing us pictures and a description to see if we are interested in buying.


Collectibles and memorabilia have taken a huge downswing in this economy, while gold & silver have hit all-time highs. The value on these items are at an all-time low – but even in these hard hit economic times Granters Pawn Shop is still trying to help out with a cash offer on certain memorabilia. Certificates of authenticity will always increase the value and many times without it we will not even be able to purchase the item at all without it. Email pics or bring it in with a certificate of authenticity.


Vito the pawnbroker is also a licensed real estate agent and works with many of the Bay Area Estate Attorneys helping to evaluate & liquidate estates of all sizes.

You must be over the age of 18 with a valid form of California identification, DL or Passport to offer any items for sale or evaluation at Granters Pawn Shop.