About Us


Granters Pawn Shop is one of the oldest operating businesses in El Cerrito, CA. Buying, Selling and Loaning money in downtown friendly El Cerrito since it was opened in 1943 by the founder – Bob Granter. Old man Granter was a very eccentric person with a passion for quality musical instruments & fine jewelry. It has been said that at any given time. Mr. Granter would have everything from a 4ct Diamond solitaire ring to a Steinway grand piano in one pawn. Old man Granter passed away in the 70s, leaving the shop to his son-in-law Stan. Stan was not only a kind and caring man, but he even looked like a pawnbroker! As a youngster. I would peek into the pawnshop and Stan would be sitting behind the loan counter with a green sun visor on, looking like Rod Steiger in the classic movie “The Pawnbroker.” Stan the Man helped me with some of the most important purchases of my life. I bought my beautiful bride’s engagement ring at Granters Jewelry & Loan over 30 years ago. Stan the pawn man died on June 6, 1987, on my wedding night – RIP. Stan’s son Dino continued the family business for the next 6 years until a new breed of pawnbroker stepped in. Uncle Ralph and Vito took over the legacy of “CA$H in a FLASH” money loaned with up to four months to re-pay!


On-site jewelry repair by Minh our master jeweler with over 35 years of experience in the jewelry industry.

Bench repairs



Stone setting



Polish & cleaning

Granters Jewelry & Loan of Vallejo opened in 2014 and is dedicated to the memory of Timothy Pult. “Tim Pult was a tireless volunteer and contributor to the community he loved.” Granters Jewelry & Loan of Vallejo is a pawn shop serving its community in a way that would make Tim proud.


Money loaned with up to four months to repay! Granters Pawn Shop offers bargains and below wholesale prices to the public on gold, silver & diamond fine jewelry, electronics, tools, musical instruments & unique one of the kind items you can’t find at Walmart or on Amazon. Please help support small businesses in your community by shopping local.